2021 Biennial Convention Results



BCGOP’s leadership was elected today to guide our County Party through the next two years.

Chairwoman Julie Wright was re-elected to a second two-year term. Her successful efforts at rebuilding and revamping Party operations have been unparalleled in the history of Bernalillo County.

Anthony ‘Ant’ Thornton was elected to be our new First Vice Chair. Ant was a walk-away and Tea Party activist before his run for State Senate in 2016.

Our new Second Vice Chair is Dauneen Dolce - a prolific campaigner and former Executive Director of National Right to Life Committee’s New Mexico chapter.

Denise Foor was elected as our Secretary, having held the position de-facto for the past year. She and her husband, Joe (our Office Manager), are our most committed volunteers, having coordinated our 2020 cycle office operations throughout the County.

John Kubiak was re-elected as our Treasurer. John has held the position for at least four cycles and has become our financial rock. He owns and operates a local small business as a CPA and his services are invaluable.


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