Donate or pay dues to support local efforts to elect Republicans to represent Bernalillo County 

Dues are $10 per month.  Please contact the office if you have questions regarding your membership at 226-1238

Message from the Chair

My name is Julie Wright and in 2019 I was elected chair of the largest Republican county party in New Mexico. The Republican Party of Bernalillo County is responsible for the votes of more than 1/3 of New Mexico’s voters. It is a monumental responsibility because, as we all know, Bernalillo County is the lynchpin of our state. If Republicans win Bernalillo County, we win all of New Mexico.

Running this party has been an almost endless task requiring a massive amount of my time.  I give my time freely to this effort because I believe whoIe heartedly in our Republican cause.   Rebuilding our county party from the ground up has been a great experience, and I have made it my priority to build a team of capable individuals for my executive committee, secure a great location from which we can operate in 2020, and begin to develop a campaign infrastructure that can assist every candidate running for office in our county, for free.  We give free advice to candidates, provide a growing GOTV effort to help their campaigns, and ensure that all campaign efforts within the county are as coordinated as possible.  This means first time candidates don’t have to pay for basic consulting, they don’t have to worry about bad advice, and they don’t have to fight for volunteers.  They can focus on raising money and speaking directly to the voters in their districts.

We want our party to be a big inclusive tent of people who feel welcomed by our common values; conservative values; New Mexico values - and for them to find a haven within our ranks for good political discourse. 

I am extremely proud to say that we are the party of the people.  We are not the party of big oil or big pharma, not the party of wine cave fundraisers and defunct green tech windmills.  We are not the party of corporate welfare or uniformity of thought.  We are not the party of gun bans, government-funded abortions, or broken families.

We are the party of values... and value. The Republican Party knows the value of a dollar and we want to make sure that our government does too.  Every candidate we help elect will know they are a part of something, and that knowledge will drive them to make better, more accountable choices in government.

This is our goal:  to build, to grow, to win, and to push for a government that listens to the people.


I thank those who have volunteered your time for our cause and appreciate your unwavering support.  Please join me while we work side by side, in our efforts to recruit and support our fellow Republican candidates to victory.

Thank you.


Looking for volunteers to help

  • Staff our offices

  • Stuff mailers

  • Distribute literature for candidates

  • Help with scheduling

  • Make phone calls​

Email Julie at or call us at (505) 226-1238 if interested!