What you can do now to prepare for the 2021 Congressional Special Election.  Taking care of these important first steps will get you ready to vote before the rush!

  1. CONFIRM YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION: Please confirm your voter information now.  Don't delay!

  2. UPDATE YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION: If your name or address has changed, you must update both pieces of information.  You may also update your party affiliation at the same time.

  3. REGISTER TO VOTE: If you are not already registered to vote, do it now.  Register online at the NM Secretary of State's web portal linked.  Learn more about voter eligibility in NM here.

In order to register as a new voter or update your registration online, your personal information must match the information that is on file with the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

The following must match:

  • Your social security number

  • Your driver's license number or state identification number

  • Your date of birth

If you do not have a driver's license or state identification card issued by the MVD, or would prefer to use a paper form to register to vote, please fill out the Voter Registration Form (English / Español) and send it to your local county clerk's office. You will find the contact information for all 33 county clerk offices here.

Same-day Registration

New Mexico law now provides the opportunity for people to register to vote or update their voter registration immediately before voting in a statewide election during Early Voting. Please bring a current and valid photo ID or a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, student identification card or other government document, including identification issued by an Indian nation, tribe or pueblo that shows your name and current address.